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Student Success Report (Ages 10-15)


It is special to have a report that is all about you, and they can share with you how they see your strengths, too.

Here is what you will learn.

You will learn your unique personality. Unlike a test you may take in school, there is no pass or fail. This report simply shows which of the four primary personality styles you have the most energy in. There is no good or bad report, just like there is no good or bad thumbprint. Each of us has special gifts, talents, and personality traits that make us amazing.

You will discover how your personality shows up with others. This will be helpful at home and at school.

You will see typical ways you may act in school. And you will find new ways to enjoy school, learn in ways that come easier to you, and communicate with your classmates and teachers.

You will learn how to grow into the best version of YOU! You don’t have to be like everyone else. You have special strengths, skills, and talents. Use what you learn in this report to grow those strengths, skills, and talents even more.

You will learn what motivates you. You must know your motivators. With the right motivators, even hard work becomes easy (and maybe even fun) for you.

You have some great strengths! Whether you call them strengths, gifts, or talents, these are the areas where you can have the most success.


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