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Overcoming Perfectionism

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About Course

Perfectionism is not necessarily about being ‘perfect’.  Ask yourself this question…  Is it ever really possible to be 100% “perfect?”  So, if it’s not about being “perfect,” then what do we mean when talk about perfectionism? 

Although there’s no perfect definition, we understand perfectionism to involve three things: Firstly, the relentless striving for extremely high standards for yourself and/or others that are personally demanding. Secondly, judging your self-worth based largely on your ability to strive for and achieve such unrelenting standards. Thirdly, experiencing negative consequences of setting such demanding standards, yet continuing to go for them despite the huge cost to you

It’s time out for stress and strain associated with being perfect! 

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What Will You Learn?

  • What is perfectionism?
  • What’s good about being a perfectionist?
  • What’s so bad about being a perfectionist?
  • Am I a perfectionist?
  • When am I a perfectionist?
  • How am I a perfectionist?
  • What next?

Course Content

Module 1: Defining Perfectionism
Perfectionism is not the same thing as striving to be your best. It's not about healthy achievement and growth. Perfectionism are rooted in several other qualities. We will define and understand perfectionism.

  • Module 1: Defining Perfectionism

Module 2: The Dark Side
The problem with perfectionism is that you are in a constant state of "not good enough." Let's dig a little deeper into this and what this means.

Module 3: Signs that Your Perfectionism is Out of Control
Being great is ok! But what if it's stopping you from advancing and excelling in your life, love, and career?

Module 4: Tools You Can Use to Overcome Perfectionism
Now you know I'm not just going to identify the "problem" without leaving you tools that you can use to implement a solution!

Module 5: Additional Tools

Final Thoughts